2021-01-23 Sergey MatveevPeers subcommand master
2020-08-14 Bastien DejeanAdd LICENSE file
2017-05-08 Panashe FundiraUpdate README.md
2016-02-25 Bastien DejeanMerge pull request #10 from ronnie/daemon-start-pid...
2016-02-25 Ronnie MooreStale daemon pid fix; better pid file removals
2016-02-16 Bastien DejeanSome PEP8 fixes for the diana script
2015-07-30 Bastien DejeanMerge pull request #8 from rafi/feature/rpc-host-vars
2015-07-29 Rafael BodillAdd new environment variables for rpc host
2015-07-13 Bastien DejeanAdd support for JSON-RPC authentication
2014-05-17 Bastien DejeanSupport RPC secret authorization token
2014-05-17 Bastien DejeanAdd env. var. for *preview* and *info* commands
2014-01-26 Bastien DejeanDon't use tabs in *list* output
2014-01-25 Bastien DejeanAdd `--dir` option
2013-03-29 Bastien DejeanAdd `--pause` option 0.1
2013-03-28 Bastien DejeanImport the synopsis from the README
2013-03-28 Bastien DejeanDaemon rewrite
2013-03-27 Bastien DejeanDo try to read a nonexistent file
2013-03-27 Bastien DejeanProvide fallback for XDG_DATA_HOME
2013-03-26 Bastien DejeanCosmetic improvements
2013-03-26 Bastien DejeanRefresh `dad` script
2013-03-26 Bastien DejeanRemove trailing space
2013-03-26 Bastien DejeanAdd
2013-03-26 Bastien DejeanSupport download directory argument in `dad`
2012-07-27 baskervilleremove debug trace
2012-07-27 baskervillerefactored coloring - completed files are green
2012-05-29 baskervilleadded "stats"
2012-05-29 baskervilleadded "forcerm"
2012-05-08 baskervilleadded "info"
2012-02-03 baskervillemagenta gids in file list
2012-02-02 baskervilleoptions: referer and user-agent -- fixed typo in usage...
2012-01-19 baskervilleno terminal fd check complications
2012-01-16 baskervilleremoved pprint debugging lines
2012-01-16 baskervillemore general name handling
2012-01-16 baskervilleno output if std{out,err} in not a terminal
2012-01-16 baskervillenew supported options: "header" and "out"
2011-12-25 baskervilleimproved error handling
2011-12-23 baskervillefixed base64 encoding issue
2011-12-21 baskervilleerror handling: no daemon
2011-12-21 baskervillemoved to python 3
2011-12-21 baskervillelocal preview
2011-12-21 baskervillenew preview url
2011-12-20 baskervilleactive downloads in blue
2011-12-16 baskervilleunknow actions were trapped if the "number of arguments...
2011-12-14 baskervillefixed? logo url
2011-12-14 baskervillemodified version of the logo hosted somewhere else
2011-12-09 baskerville"list": show completed downloads in *green*
2011-12-06 baskervilleerror feedback if requiered arguments are not given
2011-12-03 baskervilleadded support for "--select-file" in "preview" action
2011-12-01 baskervilleusage tinkering
2011-11-23 baskervilleno preview for empty files
2011-11-20 baskervilleadded "logo"
2011-11-11 baskervilleadded a "preview" action
2011-11-09 baskervillecolors are useless and break columns
2011-11-08 baskervilleoutput to stderr and unique daemon
2011-10-10 baskervilleget_files: added percentage of completion
2011-10-08 baskervillecolumn padding
2011-09-30 baskervillesmall fixes
2011-09-27 baskervillesmall typo
2011-09-27 baskerville"files" action has arguments
2011-09-27 baskervillemultiple gids in get_files
2011-09-27 baskervilleimproved usage
2011-09-27 baskervillesave/restore paused status
2011-09-26 baskervilleerrors action
2011-09-24 baskervillepython it is
2011-09-24 baskervilleget started
2011-09-24 baskervilleone typo
2011-09-24 baskervillemore explanations
2011-09-24 baskervilletypos
2011-09-24 baskervillediana and dad
2011-09-24 baskervillefirst commit