Huge tmux-fzf simplification with files quoting
[dotfiles.git] / tmux / .tmux.conf
2021-03-27 Sergey MatveevHuge tmux-fzf simplification with files quoting
2021-02-11 Sergey MatveevFaster find summonning
2021-02-10 Sergey MatveevSingle tmux popup for fzf
2021-02-05 Sergey MatveevWorkable preview in tmux-path-extractor
2021-02-05 Sergey Matveevtmux instead of zsh widget
2021-02-03 Sergey MatveevMore fzf/path-extractor convenience
2021-02-02 Sergey Matveevpath-extractor popup
2020-10-07 Sergey MatveevAuto bracketed-paste paste
2020-10-05 Sergey MatveevUse long command names
2020-10-05 Sergey MatveevCalendar menu+popup
2020-09-30 Sergey MatveevFix problems with background menu passman
2020-09-30 Sergey MatveevWiden urlview
2020-09-29 Sergey MatveevWidth/height of popups
2020-09-29 Sergey Matveevtmux menu/popup calculator
2020-09-29 Sergey Matveevtmux menu/popup password manager
2020-09-29 Sergey MatveevMusic-related session and menu
2020-09-29 Sergey MatveevExample tmux menu usage
2020-09-29 Sergey MatveevNewer tmux more convenient formatting
2020-09-29 Sergey MatveevNewer tmux compatible options
2020-06-11 Sergey MatveevNo whitespace highlighting in P-[yY] in tmux
2019-12-14 Sergey MatveevTmux key for capture all the pane's history
2019-09-02 Sergey MatveevVery useful renumber-windows tmux options
2019-09-02 Sergey MatveevNo need in any tmux escape-time at all
2019-08-11 Sergey MatveevInitial