14 hours ago Sergey MatveevAutocreate tmux sessions master
14 hours ago Sergey MatveevSimplify with addcr
14 hours ago Sergey MatveevCleanup IRC channels
3 days ago Sergey MatveevFLAGS arrays
3 days ago Sergey MatveevDo not touch my prompt
4 days ago Sergey MatveevMistakenly .djvu is opened with sxiv
5 days ago Sergey MatveevLet rlwrap write history not permanently
5 days ago Sergey Matveevman/info narrower completion matcher
7 days ago Sergey MatveevTwo more chats
7 days ago Sergey MatveevMutt is updated
11 days ago Sergey MatveevMove language switcher from xorg.conf
11 days ago Sergey MatveevSimpler image-related mailcap
11 days ago Sergey MatveevSeems that .pem has different appropriate MIME type
11 days ago Sergey MatveevDo not remove source file
11 days ago Sergey MatveevRFC URL without redirection
13 days ago Sergey Matveev.epub handler
13 days ago Sergey Matveevmimetype compatibility with an older lighttpd
13 days ago Sergey Matveeveb creates .Trash
2021-09-04 Sergey MatveevUse tofuproxy for all browsers
2021-09-04 Sergey MatveevDuckDuckGo uses another URL now
2021-09-02 Sergey MatveevSave newsboat errors for finding problems
2021-09-02 Sergey MatveevLinks2 is installed
2021-09-02 Sergey Matveevenable-bracketed-paste really harmful in readline
2021-09-02 Sergey MatveevSplit huge bin/ to proper subdirectories
2021-09-01 Sergey MatveevGemini requires SNI
2021-09-01 Sergey Matveevgemini://
2021-09-01 Sergey MatveevMore MIME types and their separation
2021-09-01 Sergey MatveevSkip blank line
2021-09-01 Sergey MatveevVarious zsnap fixes
2021-09-01 Sergey Matveevgemini:// getter
2021-08-31 Sergey MatveevInitial edbrowse
2021-08-26 Sergey MatveevJPEG-XL transcoding scripts
2021-08-26 Sergey MatveevLet's keep EXIF in, remove it if needed...
2021-08-26 Sergey Matveevparallel's --bar seems always useful
2021-08-25 Sergey MatveevOID search jumps
2021-08-25 Sergey MatveevSeems that no .heif should exists
2021-08-25 Sergey MatveevUpdated GnuPG
2021-08-25 Sergey MatveevLet's try to use yt-dlp
2021-08-23 Sergey Matveev.jxl
2021-08-23 Sergey MatveevUse more advanced godwmstat
2021-08-23 Sergey MatveevRevert "Some stupid Apple software uses incorrect MIME"
2021-08-23 Sergey MatveevNow I have got working default audio
2021-08-22 Sergey MatveevForward attribution
2021-08-22 Sergey MatveevNo laptop -> no battery
2021-08-16 Sergey MatveevLighttpd's MIME types
2021-08-13 Sergey MatveevVarious trust anchors
2021-08-09 Sergey MatveevEasy WKD keys creator
2021-08-09 Sergey Matveevwks-client hook
2021-08-09 Sergey MatveevSome stupid Apple software uses incorrect MIME
2021-08-08 Sergey MatveevMatterircd connection example
2021-08-08 Sergey MatveevDisabled internal speaker
2021-08-06 Sergey Matveevtai64nlocal alias
2021-07-31 Sergey Matveevgo build :make
2021-07-25 Sergey MatveevVarious advertisements
2021-07-25 Sergey Matveevgoredo is installed as an ordinary package
2021-07-23 Sergey MatveevComplete hashed directories
2021-07-23 Sergey Matveevvenv must be declared earlier than autoenv hook
2021-07-19 Sergey MatveevMore go-related cleanups
2021-07-19 Sergey MatveevExample LiberaChat configuration
2021-07-18 Sergey MatveevDjVu MIME
2021-07-15 Sergey and .txt alias viewer
2021-07-15 Sergey MatveevModern Texinfo makes texinavfix unneeded
2021-07-15 Sergey MatveevRefactored completion
2021-07-14 Sergey MatveevLet's try to use suffix aliases
2021-07-14 Sergey MatveevI used to use Gcommit often
2021-07-14 Sergey MatveevLet's also clean clangd files
2021-07-13 Sergey MatveevLatest less does not require .lesskey at all
2021-07-12 Sergey MatveevGo-related junk cleaner
2021-07-12 Sergey Matveev~-expansion can be safely used in variable assignments
2021-07-08 Sergey MatveevShorter and richer time format
2021-07-08 Sergey Matveevcommentstring friendly "> " Mutt's quotes
2021-07-02 Sergey MatveevConsistent mutt indent with Vim's commentstring
2021-07-02 Sergey MatveevGm must be useful in non git root
2021-06-30 Sergey MatveevEmail's commentstring
2021-06-30 Sergey MatveevCurrently I use only external DAC
2021-06-29 Sergey MatveevVim scripts refactoring
2021-06-25 Sergey MatveevGS alias moved to autoenv
2021-06-25 Sergey MatveevExternal (GNU) grep is much faster
2021-06-25 Sergey MatveevForcefully use goredo's jobserver
2021-06-25 Sergey MatveevI do not use vim-fzf at all
2021-06-22 Sergey MatveevReally silence possible loadview errors
2021-06-22 Sergey MatveevLet's try bfs
2021-06-21 Sergey MatveevConsolidate vi-mode display in prompt
2021-06-21 Sergey MatveevShorter prompt
2021-06-17 Sergey MatveevUnnecessary escape
2021-06-17 Sergey MatveevColouring Mutt
2021-06-17 Sergey MatveevSync less scrolloff with vim's one
2021-06-17 Sergey MatveevI assume default history size is acceptable
2021-06-17 Sergey MatveevSimplify viminfo setting
2021-06-17 Sergey MatveevNo use for gitcommit's view
2021-06-17 Sergey MatveevCombine all gitcommit autocmds
2021-06-16 Sergey MatveevUseless INTERACTIVE_COMMENTS
2021-06-15 Sergey MatveevMouse selection friendly space-separated path in prompt
2021-06-15 Sergey MatveevDetect already loaded code with simpler <SID> check
2021-06-14 Sergey MatveevCode reordering
2021-06-14 Sergey MatveevMake views for files without extensions
2021-06-14 Sergey MatveevUnused commands
2021-06-14 Sergey MatveevNo Rust, never
2021-06-13 Sergey MatveevOh shit, single hateful quotes
2021-06-13 Sergey Matveevlynx is started in www