5 days ago Sergey MatveevMy IPv6 address differs for a long time master
6 days ago Sergey MatveevAutoview .gif
10 days ago Sergey MatveevAutoview .man and .pod
11 days ago Sergey MatveevMore abstract account name
13 days ago Sergey MatveevNew main PGP key
2022-07-22 Sergey MatveevProper filename in :Fmt's quickfix
2022-07-16 Sergey MatveevDouble formatting
2022-07-16 Sergey MatveevTake fmt errors into account
2022-07-11 Sergey MatveevX-Original-To is useful
2022-07-08 Sergey Matveevvirtual_oss has 20ms buffer, sync with it
2022-07-08 Sergey Matveev.h is not a C++ header
2022-07-08 Sergey Matveevsize_t abbreviation
2022-07-04 Sergey Matveevclang-format is already pretty friendly to Vim
2022-07-04 Sergey Matveevptrdiff_t abbreviation
2022-07-01 Sergey Matveevv: are not required in vim9script
2022-06-30 Sergey MatveevSimpler and less disturbing :Fmt
2022-06-30 Sergey MatveevMove to vim9script
2022-06-27 Sergey MatveevAltSwitcher is still not so satisfactory
2022-06-25 Sergey Matveevpv utility wrapper
2022-06-25 Sergey Matveevexted plugin is convenient anyway
2022-06-25 Sergey MatveevForce 2 audio channels, for virtual_oss
2022-06-25 Sergey friendliness to spaces
2022-06-23 Sergey MatveevMidnight Commander's dark mode config
2022-06-23 Sergey MatveevAbility to temporary disable vcs_info
2022-06-23 Sergey Matveevmpv uses virtual_oss device now
2022-06-23 Sergey Matveevsafe-repositories appeared
2022-06-22 Sergey MatveevRubles digraph
2022-06-22 Sergey MatveevLatest mpv does not have oss-mixer options
2022-06-16 Sergey MatveevAbility to turn on/off hardware decoding and faster...
2022-06-16 Sergey MatveevRemove scalers for performance
2022-06-16 Sergey Matveev:Man plugin
2022-06-16 Sergey MatveevBetter software scaler
2022-06-01 Sergey MatveevArrows and colour pane indicator is nice
2022-06-01 Sergey MatveevExplicitly note 256 colours support in terminal
2022-05-30 Sergey MatveevAbility to specify codepage
2022-05-24 Sergey Matveevxterm mouse wheel buttons
2022-05-23 Sergey MatveevMove some tmux bindings to separate files
2022-05-10 Sergey MatveevLet's try command's output selector
2022-05-10 Sergey MatveevMore complex alt-switcher
2022-05-03 Sergey MatveevLaxed umask indicator
2022-05-03 Sergey MatveevColourized tog
2022-04-13 Sergey Matveevsetlocal is excess in ftplugin
2022-04-12 Sergey Matveev.c/.h switcher
2022-04-12 Sergey MatveevSplit multistring vimscript
2022-04-11 Sergey MatveevEven faster quit from Vim
2022-04-11 Sergey MatveevDo not align on assignments in C-code
2022-04-05 Sergey MatveevIPv6 is not slower anymore
2022-04-01 Sergey MatveevMore human readable envvar name
2022-03-31 Sergey MatveevFuzzy process finding
2022-03-30 Sergey MatveevCompressed PEMs are not convenient
2022-03-29 Sergey MatveevMore descriptive LSCOLORS
2022-03-28 Sergey MatveevFull logarithm algorithm code
2022-03-28 Sergey MatveevShow number delimiters
2022-03-28 Sergey MatveevX-Bogosity and X-Label headers
2022-03-28 Sergey MatveevNicer and simpler dc invocation
2022-03-28 Sergey Matveev:Align is friendly to &
2022-03-28 Sergey MatveevSeems that wider date is useful
2022-03-24 Sergey MatveevМинобороны certificate
2022-03-18 Sergey MatveevAbility for prefix aliases to work with compressed...
2022-03-18 Sergey MatveevMore reliable, flexible and convenient zsh MIME handler...
2022-03-18 Sergey MatveevMore various russian CAs
2022-03-14 Sergey MatveevTied variables can use different separator
2022-03-10 Sergey MatveevГУЦ certificate
2022-03-10 Sergey MatveevRussian CA
2022-03-07 Sergey Matveevhttp[s]_proxy is not convenient
2022-03-01 Sergey Matveev:Align
2022-03-01 Sergey MatveevLess printf calls
2022-02-28 Sergey MatveevForcefully tell about terminal options
2022-02-28 Sergey MatveevChange cursor's colour based on vi-mode
2022-02-28 Sergey MatveevThawte and ZeroSSL CAs
2022-02-27 Sergey MatveevMore beauty and short escape codes
2022-02-27 Sergey MatveevDigiCert's CA roots bundle
2022-02-25 Sergey Matveevrem can take date as an argument
2022-02-24 Sergey MatveevURL editing history actually is useful
2022-02-23 Sergey MatveevFix path
2022-02-22 Sergey Matveevurlview replacement
2022-02-21 Sergey MatveevSlightly brighter Mutt colors
2022-02-21 Sergey MatveevRefactored tmux fzf menus
2022-02-21 Sergey MatveevMore compact macro binding
2022-02-21 Sergey MatveevI even do not remember what is for
2022-02-21 Sergey Matveevhttp[s]_proxy is set by default
2022-02-18 Sergey MatveevMailbox folder format with stats
2022-02-17 Sergey MatveevMutt is not shell, supports spaces around assignment
2022-02-17 Sergey MatveevF1 works in various places
2022-02-17 Sergey MatveevNo awful US date format
2022-02-14 Sergey Matveevgit remote alias
2022-02-14 Sergey MatveevShow only action and G-flag in Git-repository
2022-02-14 Sergey MatveevTiny spaces
2022-02-14 Sergey MatveevFix incremental-pattern-search with zsh 5.8.1 and autos...
2022-02-13 Sergey Matveevzsh built-in strftime
2022-02-13 Sergey MatveevDo not overwrite PS1 every time
2022-02-13 Sergey MatveevSimplify timer
2022-02-13 Sergey MatveevGit VCS in zsh prompt
2022-02-09 Sergey Matveevstart-tabbed works good enough with shorter sleep
2022-02-09 Sergey MatveevVarious DNSCurve checkpoints
2022-01-28 Sergey Matveevggj should autoopen quickfix
2022-01-27 Sergey MatveevLinearize PDFs after ps2pdf
2022-01-27 Sergey Matveevps2pdf sanitizes XMP. Rewritten on zsh
2022-01-27 Sergey MatveevGerman umlauts are ok
2022-01-27 Sergey Matveevstow-ed man/info pages are symlinks