2020-05-27 Sergey MatveevMore convenient Grr
2020-05-27 Sergey MatveevSimpler Gvsplit substitution, without register polluting
2020-05-27 Sergey MatveevSeems that LANG is not required to be overriden for...
2020-05-24 Sergey Matveevjpegtran wrapper
2020-05-24 Sergey MatveevShorter youtube-dl scriptnames
2020-05-19 Sergey MatveevShow two more lines after searching in less
2020-05-17 Sergey MatveevOften used assert(!= NULL)
2020-05-17 Sergey MatveevQuickly convert 4K videos to something viewable
2020-05-12 Sergey MatveevMore visible active window
2020-05-12 Sergey MatveevIgnore mmfileget commands
2020-05-12 Sergey Matveevauto_load_images is often typed
2020-05-12 Sergey Matveevunsigned char* is very often typed
2020-05-11 Sergey MatveevIgnore some commands for history
2020-05-06 Sergey MatveevLLDB WhereAmI formatting
2020-05-06 Sergey Matveevmpv speed reset
2020-05-04 Sergey MatveevDraft ZFS snapshot utility
2020-05-02 Sergey MatveevSimpler profiles selection for mpv
2020-05-02 Sergey MatveevQuotes
2020-05-01 Sergey MatveevSimpler volume normalization filter
2020-04-28 Sergey MatveevRFC jump
2020-04-26 Sergey Matveevmpv chapters navigation
2020-04-24 Sergey Matveevmpv configuration
2020-04-22 Sergey is back
2020-04-21 Sergey MatveevC formatting for easy navigation
2020-04-21 Sergey MatveevYet another Clang format change
2020-04-20 Sergey Matveevcwebp preset
2020-04-20 Sergey MatveevMutt and Lynx WebP knowledge
2020-04-17 Sergey MatveevFix netrwhist path
2020-04-16 Sergey MatveevUpdate command
2020-04-13 Sergey MatveevOverride <Del> in netrw and delete its history
2020-04-13 Sergey Matveevcommentstring for texinfo files
2020-04-10 Sergey Matveevclang-format can use ~/.clang-format
2020-04-09 Sergey MatveevIgnore C object files
2020-04-09 Sergey MatveevConsistent lynx jumps with xombrero
2020-04-09 Sergey MatveevMore C formatting
2020-04-06 Sergey MatveevNamed directories in zsh
2020-04-06 Sergey MatveevDuplicate formatting option
2020-04-03 Sergey MatveevI hate when strings are broken
2020-04-03 Sergey MatveevFix uctags -kinds invocation
2020-04-03 Sergey Matveevinfo configuration
2020-04-02 Sergey MatveevAlso ctag C prototypes
2020-04-02 Sergey MatveevMore C formatting
2020-04-01 Sergey MatveevBegin working with C
2020-04-01 Sergey MatveevOften gpg is used for fast encryption
2020-04-01 Sergey MatveevFix stupid name
2020-03-30 Sergey MatveevAs a rule I encode to FLAC after renaming
2020-03-30 Sergey Matveevmencoder by default produces AVI
2020-03-28 Sergey MatveevGrpck is unnecessary an alias
2020-03-28 Sergey MatveevMany CUE files are in latin1, instead of Unicode
2020-03-27 Sergey MatveevMore git advices disable
2020-03-25 Sergey MatveevSpeed optimization for sdcv
2020-03-25 Sergey Matveev~/bin contents
2020-03-22 Sergey MatveevGit thinks I am too stupid
2020-03-16 Sergey MatveevRemove often changed private mail information
2020-03-15 Sergey MatveevSometimes DDG wants a cookie
2020-03-15 Sergey MatveevJumplist has to be sorted
2020-03-15 Sergey MatveevNo google cookies
2020-03-14 Sergey MatveevDon't break raw UTF-8 documents rendering in Lynx
2020-03-12 Sergey MatveevDisable unneeded Vim plugins
2020-03-04 Sergey MatveevPyPI faster searching
2020-03-01 Sergey MatveevSimplify screen title clearing
2020-02-27 Sergey MatveevDifferent reminder
2020-02-27 Sergey MatveevUpdated dwm
2020-02-27 Sergey MatveevUnsubscribed from guix-devel
2020-02-20 Sergey MatveevReddit gives www. domain cookies too
2020-02-19 Sergey MatveevPyPI configuration
2020-02-19 Sergey MatveevDownload to temporary directory
2020-02-19 Sergey MatveevLatest ffmpeg has splitted ffmpeg VDPAU codecs
2020-01-28 Sergey MatveevMAGIC_EQUAL_SUBST like completion
2020-01-27 Sergey MatveevEmail should be compressed and it is the most used...
2020-01-23 Sergey MatveevHistory pattern searching seems more convenient
2020-01-21 Sergey Matveevzstd log compression
2020-01-21 Sergey MatveevWorking mouse scroll in Lynx
2020-01-16 Sergey Matveevblog-comment mailbox appeared
2020-01-16 Sergey MatveevOf course I want to share that I am using best email...
2020-01-16 Sergey MatveevDo not require TLS SMTP connection, localhost does...
2020-01-08 Sergey Matveevpp=6 does not work with VDPAU
2020-01-08 Sergey MatveevDefault options for youtube-dl
2020-01-08 Sergey MatveevDebugging cmdline for gogetdoc
2020-01-08 Sergey MatveevWhy I have commented pp=6?
2020-01-07 Sergey MatveevWorking mouse wheel in Mutt
2020-01-07 Sergey MatveevExplicitly place psql's history on encrypted dataset
2020-01-03 Sergey MatveevF2 does not work in Mutt after t-
2019-12-26 Sergey MatveevBe silent about mass removing
2019-12-26 Sergey MatveevHjson indent
2019-12-25 Sergey MatveevNo cookies from reddit
2019-12-24 Sergey MatveevDo not compress anything in gpg, use external zstd...
2019-12-24 Sergey MatveevgS is too hard to type quickly, because of space
2019-12-23 Sergey MatveevUnimpaired like textwidth switching
2019-12-22 Sergey Matveevwc -l is really used often
2019-12-22 Sergey MatveevSeparate g and sorted-g commands
2019-12-22 Sergey MatveevPrefer /usr/local executables
2019-12-22 Sergey MatveevFaster loadimages keybinding
2019-12-19 Sergey MatveevDo not ask about not so long listings
2019-12-19 Sergey MatveevSort filenames after grep
2019-12-19 Sergey MatveevMore visible tab count
2019-12-19 Sergey MatveevBetter autoformatting of comments
2019-12-18 Sergey MatveevFix byte index, workability at the end of the word
2019-12-18 Sergey MatveevStrip last dummy empty line
2019-12-18 Sergey MatveevDraft gogetdoc Vim plugin with popups