3 days ago Sergey MatveevUnnecessary escape master
3 days ago Sergey MatveevColouring Mutt
3 days ago Sergey MatveevSync less scrolloff with vim's one
3 days ago Sergey MatveevI assume default history size is acceptable
3 days ago Sergey MatveevSimplify viminfo setting
3 days ago Sergey MatveevNo use for gitcommit's view
3 days ago Sergey MatveevCombine all gitcommit autocmds
4 days ago Sergey MatveevUseless INTERACTIVE_COMMENTS
5 days ago Sergey MatveevMouse selection friendly space-separated path in prompt
5 days ago Sergey MatveevDetect already loaded code with simpler <SID> check
6 days ago Sergey MatveevCode reordering
6 days ago Sergey MatveevMake views for files without extensions
6 days ago Sergey MatveevUnused commands
6 days ago Sergey MatveevNo Rust, never
7 days ago Sergey MatveevOh shit, single hateful quotes
7 days ago Sergey Matveevlynx is started in www
7 days ago Sergey Matveevzc rename
8 days ago Sergey MatveevOptimize .zprofile
8 days ago Sergey MatveevExcess escape
8 days ago Sergey MatveevLess is already coloured because of $LESS
8 days ago Sergey Matveevfind has real-time progress
8 days ago Sergey MatveevPython is far least important -- move to the end
8 days ago Sergey MatveevGroup ssh aliases
8 days ago Sergey Matveevmore is never typed
8 days ago Sergey MatveevRevert "Let's see if branch name will be useful in...
8 days ago Sergey MatveevUnnecessary $HOMEs
8 days ago Sergey MatveevComment about what key is binded
8 days ago Sergey MatveevMove envvars to .zshenv
8 days ago Sergey MatveevOften used <tt></tt>
8 days ago Sergey MatveevExcess whitespace
8 days ago Sergey MatveevReuse variable names
8 days ago Sergey MatveevRemove default non-overriden values
8 days ago Sergey MatveevFix popd-related function name
8 days ago Sergey MatveevExcess lines
8 days ago Sergey MatveevGroup mutt related aliases
8 days ago Sergey MatveevUnify bind variables names
9 days ago Sergey MatveevSimplify single line reading
9 days ago Sergey MatveevThere is no rss mailbox anymore
9 days ago Sergey MatveevGroup tmux sections together
9 days ago Sergey is already called in .zprofile
9 days ago Sergey Matveevxsetroot works pretty fast anyway
9 days ago Sergey MatveevExcess hostname
9 days ago Sergey MatveevUnneeded comment
12 days ago Sergey MatveevSHA384/224 and BZIP2 are useless
2021-06-03 Sergey MatveevLet's see if branch name will be useful in statusline
2021-06-03 Sergey Matveevirssi last window hotkey
2021-06-03 Sergey Matveevqmsg irssi command for quiet messages
2021-06-02 Sergey MatveevAdd cd to history after cf
2021-06-02 Sergey MatveevObsolete Gr and Grr
2021-06-02 Sergey MatveevFollowing symlinks type in cf()
2021-06-02 Sergey MatveevHate single quotes
2021-06-02 Sergey MatveevExclude binaries and .git/.tags from grep
2021-06-02 Sergey MatveevBritish colour
2021-06-02 Sergey Matveevzshify grep variables
2021-06-01 Sergey MatveevLess advanced prompt, key bindings and history
2021-05-31 Sergey MatveevMouse scrolling in irssi
2021-05-17 Sergey MatveevBe friendly with line edits
2021-05-17 Sergey MatveevIgnore .autoenv*, as they are local
2021-05-15 Sergey Matveevzsh-autoenv usage
2021-05-14 Sergey MatveevSimplify format of .zhashd
2021-05-13 Sergey MatveevSymbolic links friendly WhereAmI
2021-05-13 Sergey Matveevhkp:// pool seems not working
2021-05-03 Sergey MatveevSimplify dc invocation
2021-05-03 Sergey MatveevPossibly disabling signature_help will help with change...
2021-05-03 Sergey Matveevlsp_highlight_references_enabled is already enabled...
2021-05-03 Sergey MatveevShorter fast gpg invocation
2021-05-03 Sergey Matveevmbox priority in inc
2021-05-03 Sergey MatveevMailbox new messages printer
2021-05-03 Sergey MatveevMy first LLDB's alias
2021-05-03 Sergey MatveevPart of irssi configuration
2021-04-18 Sergey MatveevI use own gpg.rc with --keyring-s
2021-04-13 Sergey MatveevMutt aware of gopher URL highlighting
2021-04-13 Sergey MatveevMore OCB friendliness
2021-04-08 Sergey MatveevSoftware should know about stow-ed ~/local
2021-04-08 Sergey MatveevNo whitespaces during line counting
2021-04-08 Sergey MatveevUpdated gpg with AEAD
2021-04-03 Sergey Matveevbase header auto usage in git-format
2021-04-03 Sergey Matveevgz MIME type
2021-03-28 Sergey MatveevMore pretty psql
2021-03-28 Sergey Matveevsqlite's pretty output
2021-03-28 Sergey MatveevShow line numbers/position in the less
2021-03-28 Sergey MatveevShow if either quickfix or location lists are exists
2021-03-28 Sergey MatveevColor moved source code
2021-03-28 Sergey Matveevhistogram diff algorithm is cooler
2021-03-28 Sergey Matveevdiff-highlight highlighter is pretty usefuly
2021-03-27 Sergey MatveevHuge tmux-fzf simplification with files quoting
2021-03-27 Sergey MatveevDTrace filetype
2021-03-27 Sergey MatveevAbility to disable LSP, without :help
2021-03-07 Sergey Matveevgit --aggressive is more convenient
2021-03-01 Sergey MatveevNew texinfo uses slightly different template
2021-03-01 Sergey MatveevMore visible spellchecker highlight
2021-02-24 Sergey MatveevPrevent constant network access in go tools
2021-02-24 Sergey MatveevJPEG MIME
2021-02-12 Sergey MatveevCleanup newsboat on quit
2021-02-11 Sergey MatveevFaster find summonning
2021-02-10 Sergey MatveevSafer printing
2021-02-10 Sergey MatveevI learn zsh
2021-02-10 Sergey MatveevSingle tmux popup for fzf
2021-02-10 Sergey MatveevSilence WebKit's warnings
2021-02-08 Sergey MatveevQuick tags initialization