2 hours ago Sergey MatveevDo not try to read from FIFOs and sockets while grep-ing master
2 hours ago Sergey MatveevFaster 2>/dev/null redirection
2 hours ago Sergey Matveevirc[s]:// scheme knowledge
21 hours ago Sergey MatveevRewrite Python to Perl
8 days ago Sergey MatveevUpdated tmux has different options
8 days ago Sergey MatveevUpdated GnuPG
8 days ago Sergey Matveevadvpng with pngcrush
2021-10-08 Sergey Matveev:8080 is taken by tofuproxy
2021-10-08 Sergey Matveevlftp
2021-10-08 Sergey MatveevWget2's progress segfaults
2021-10-06 Sergey MatveevI do not use lighttpd anymore
2021-10-04 Sergey MatveevLet's Encrypt cross certificates
2021-10-04 Sergey Matveev.meta4 MIME
2021-10-04 Sergey MatveevDates without T
2021-09-29 Sergey Matveev/dev/null redirection aliases
2021-09-29 Sergey MatveevTime in ll output
2021-09-29 Sergey MatveevLet's try to complete filename
2021-09-29 Sergey MatveevInitial wget2 configuration
2021-09-29 Sergey MatveevMore media types
2021-09-29 Sergey Matveev.icm is too windowsish
2021-09-28 Sergey MatveevXMP, ICC, YAML media types
2021-09-25 Sergey MatveevAbility to screenshot the whole screen
2021-09-24 Sergey MatveevScreenshotter
2021-09-24 Sergey MatveevAbility to kill an endless loop
2021-09-22 Sergey MatveevPEP jump
2021-09-19 Sergey MatveevLatest cjxl supports stdin/stdout
2021-09-19 Sergey Matveevlynx does not support wildcard MIMEs
2021-09-19 Sergey Matveevmirror-* moved to
2021-09-19 Sergey Matveevls date format
2021-09-19 Sergey MatveevMy music is another directory
2021-09-18 Sergey MatveevAutocreate tmux sessions
2021-09-18 Sergey MatveevSimplify with addcr
2021-09-18 Sergey MatveevCleanup IRC channels
2021-09-15 Sergey MatveevFLAGS arrays
2021-09-15 Sergey MatveevDo not touch my prompt
2021-09-14 Sergey MatveevMistakenly .djvu is opened with sxiv
2021-09-13 Sergey MatveevLet rlwrap write history not permanently
2021-09-13 Sergey Matveevman/info narrower completion matcher
2021-09-11 Sergey MatveevTwo more chats
2021-09-11 Sergey MatveevMutt is updated
2021-09-07 Sergey MatveevMove language switcher from xorg.conf
2021-09-07 Sergey MatveevSimpler image-related mailcap
2021-09-07 Sergey MatveevSeems that .pem has different appropriate MIME type
2021-09-07 Sergey MatveevDo not remove source file
2021-09-07 Sergey MatveevRFC URL without redirection
2021-09-05 Sergey Matveev.epub handler
2021-09-05 Sergey Matveevmimetype compatibility with an older lighttpd
2021-09-05 Sergey Matveeveb creates .Trash
2021-09-04 Sergey MatveevUse tofuproxy for all browsers
2021-09-04 Sergey MatveevDuckDuckGo uses another URL now
2021-09-02 Sergey MatveevSave newsboat errors for finding problems
2021-09-02 Sergey MatveevLinks2 is installed
2021-09-02 Sergey Matveevenable-bracketed-paste really harmful in readline
2021-09-02 Sergey MatveevSplit huge bin/ to proper subdirectories
2021-09-01 Sergey MatveevGemini requires SNI
2021-09-01 Sergey Matveevgemini://
2021-09-01 Sergey MatveevMore MIME types and their separation
2021-09-01 Sergey MatveevSkip blank line
2021-09-01 Sergey MatveevVarious zsnap fixes
2021-09-01 Sergey Matveevgemini:// getter
2021-08-31 Sergey MatveevInitial edbrowse
2021-08-26 Sergey MatveevJPEG-XL transcoding scripts
2021-08-26 Sergey MatveevLet's keep EXIF in, remove it if needed...
2021-08-26 Sergey Matveevparallel's --bar seems always useful
2021-08-25 Sergey MatveevOID search jumps
2021-08-25 Sergey MatveevSeems that no .heif should exists
2021-08-25 Sergey MatveevUpdated GnuPG
2021-08-25 Sergey MatveevLet's try to use yt-dlp
2021-08-23 Sergey Matveev.jxl
2021-08-23 Sergey MatveevUse more advanced godwmstat
2021-08-23 Sergey MatveevRevert "Some stupid Apple software uses incorrect MIME"
2021-08-23 Sergey MatveevNow I have got working default audio
2021-08-22 Sergey MatveevForward attribution
2021-08-22 Sergey MatveevNo laptop -> no battery
2021-08-16 Sergey MatveevLighttpd's MIME types
2021-08-13 Sergey MatveevVarious trust anchors
2021-08-09 Sergey MatveevEasy WKD keys creator
2021-08-09 Sergey Matveevwks-client hook
2021-08-09 Sergey MatveevSome stupid Apple software uses incorrect MIME
2021-08-08 Sergey MatveevMatterircd connection example
2021-08-08 Sergey MatveevDisabled internal speaker
2021-08-06 Sergey Matveevtai64nlocal alias
2021-07-31 Sergey Matveevgo build :make
2021-07-25 Sergey MatveevVarious advertisements
2021-07-25 Sergey Matveevgoredo is installed as an ordinary package
2021-07-23 Sergey MatveevComplete hashed directories
2021-07-23 Sergey Matveevvenv must be declared earlier than autoenv hook
2021-07-19 Sergey MatveevMore go-related cleanups
2021-07-19 Sergey MatveevExample LiberaChat configuration
2021-07-18 Sergey MatveevDjVu MIME
2021-07-15 Sergey and .txt alias viewer
2021-07-15 Sergey MatveevModern Texinfo makes texinavfix unneeded
2021-07-15 Sergey MatveevRefactored completion
2021-07-14 Sergey MatveevLet's try to use suffix aliases
2021-07-14 Sergey MatveevI used to use Gcommit often
2021-07-14 Sergey MatveevLet's also clean clangd files
2021-07-13 Sergey MatveevLatest less does not require .lesskey at all
2021-07-12 Sergey MatveevGo-related junk cleaner
2021-07-12 Sergey Matveev~-expansion can be safely used in variable assignments
2021-07-08 Sergey MatveevShorter and richer time format