2021-05-03 Sergey MatveevShorter fast gpg invocation
2021-05-03 Sergey Matveevmbox priority in inc
2021-05-03 Sergey MatveevMailbox new messages printer
2021-05-03 Sergey MatveevMy first LLDB's alias
2021-05-03 Sergey MatveevPart of irssi configuration
2021-04-18 Sergey MatveevI use own gpg.rc with --keyring-s
2021-04-13 Sergey MatveevMutt aware of gopher URL highlighting
2021-04-13 Sergey MatveevMore OCB friendliness
2021-04-08 Sergey MatveevSoftware should know about stow-ed ~/local
2021-04-08 Sergey MatveevNo whitespaces during line counting
2021-04-08 Sergey MatveevUpdated gpg with AEAD
2021-04-03 Sergey Matveevbase header auto usage in git-format
2021-04-03 Sergey Matveevgz MIME type
2021-03-28 Sergey MatveevMore pretty psql
2021-03-28 Sergey Matveevsqlite's pretty output
2021-03-28 Sergey MatveevShow line numbers/position in the less
2021-03-28 Sergey MatveevShow if either quickfix or location lists are exists
2021-03-28 Sergey MatveevColor moved source code
2021-03-28 Sergey Matveevhistogram diff algorithm is cooler
2021-03-28 Sergey Matveevdiff-highlight highlighter is pretty usefuly
2021-03-27 Sergey MatveevHuge tmux-fzf simplification with files quoting
2021-03-27 Sergey MatveevDTrace filetype
2021-03-27 Sergey MatveevAbility to disable LSP, without :help
2021-03-07 Sergey Matveevgit --aggressive is more convenient
2021-03-01 Sergey MatveevNew texinfo uses slightly different template
2021-03-01 Sergey MatveevMore visible spellchecker highlight
2021-02-24 Sergey MatveevPrevent constant network access in go tools
2021-02-24 Sergey MatveevJPEG MIME
2021-02-12 Sergey MatveevCleanup newsboat on quit
2021-02-11 Sergey MatveevFaster find summonning
2021-02-10 Sergey MatveevSafer printing
2021-02-10 Sergey MatveevI learn zsh
2021-02-10 Sergey MatveevSingle tmux popup for fzf
2021-02-10 Sergey MatveevSilence WebKit's warnings
2021-02-08 Sergey MatveevQuick tags initialization
2021-02-08 Sergey MatveevAbility to run GUI browser instead of tmuxed lynx
2021-02-06 Sergey MatveevShorter find fzf command
2021-02-06 Sergey MatveevDRY
2021-02-06 Sergey MatveevProper file_line left buffer cleaning
2021-02-05 Sergey MatveevWorkable preview in tmux-path-extractor
2021-02-05 Sergey Matveevtmux instead of zsh widget
2021-02-05 Sergey MatveevComplete by git status
2021-02-05 Sergey MatveevPIPE_FAIL is always useful
2021-02-04 Sergey MatveevExplicit fonts configuration
2021-02-03 Sergey MatveevMore fzf/path-extractor convenience
2021-02-03 Sergey Matveevfzf
2021-02-02 Sergey Matveevpath-extractor popup
2021-02-02 Sergey MatveevSeparate flags directory
2021-01-27 Sergey Matveevg:lsp_documentation_float_docked does not help anyhow
2021-01-20 Sergey MatveevBetter ctags-ing
2021-01-20 Sergey Matveev.vimrclocal useless with exrc/secure options existence
2021-01-20 Sergey MatveevMove Python specific wildignore to ftplugin
2021-01-20 Sergey MatveevNot sure, but seems docking slightly less distract
2021-01-16 Sergey MatveevDamned hard-coded bash shell fixer for Go
2021-01-16 Sergey MatveevSometimes I need to see online git log with dates
2021-01-16 Sergey MatveevLimit number of feed entries
2021-01-15 Sergey Matveevpng recognizable by mutt
2021-01-15 Sergey Matveev90 is too wide
2021-01-15 Sergey MatveevFucking black lovers forces me to explicitly set "master"
2021-01-03 Sergey MatveevUsing newsboat instead of rss2email
2021-01-03 Sergey MatveevAt last git won't autocorrect me
2021-01-03 Sergey MatveevRaise sleep again for lynx startup
2020-12-28 Sergey Matveevlldb's history in volatile memory
2020-12-28 Sergey Matveevvi keys in editline
2020-12-15 Sergey Matveevsharness location
2020-12-15 Sergey MatveevAll current lynx configs has underscores
2020-12-15 Sergey MatveevAdvice to embed fonts on generated PDFs
2020-12-15 Sergey Matveevaria2 should not have any limit on peers number
2020-12-07 Sergey MatveevFix mutt's MIME type for .pdf
2020-12-07 Sergey MatveevIgnore dictionary searches
2020-12-03 Sergey MatveevChanged git web frontend
2020-12-03 Sergey MatveevBreak before function name
2020-11-29 Sergey MatveevMake zathura work with spaces in filename
2020-11-24 Sergey Matveevgoredo envs
2020-11-24 Sergey MatveevTerminal C-W rebinding
2020-11-24 Sergey MatveevYet another sleep decreasing
2020-11-19 Sergey MatveevFix stowed zathura invocation
2020-11-19 Sergey MatveevAdd timeout to wait for window resized
2020-11-17 Sergey MatveevStowing of various software
2020-11-17 Sergey MatveevOpen accidentally closed www
2020-11-15 Sergey Matveevtmuxed lynx is simpler and convenient
2020-11-15 Sergey MatveevUsing LLVM11
2020-11-15 Sergey MatveevFixed PDF viewer mailcap
2020-11-15 Sergey MatveevDuckDuckGo changed its URL
2020-11-12 Sergey Matveevlynx cookies configuration in external file
2020-11-11 Sergey Matveevtabbed lynx
2020-11-09 Sergey MatveevTrivial zat optimizations
2020-11-09 Sergey MatveevTabbed zathura
2020-11-06 Sergey MatveevDo not go to nodes when scrolling
2020-11-05 Sergey Matveevgit --oneline includes --abbrev-commit
2020-11-05 Sergey Matveevredo-c does not catch stdout by default
2020-10-30 Sergey MatveevPretty tree-er
2020-10-28 Sergey MatveevConfigurable file extensions
2020-10-18 Sergey MatveevYet another wizkit freeze
2020-10-18 Sergey is created with PlantUML invocation
2020-10-18 Sergey Matveevuint8_t alias
2020-10-16 Sergey Matveevg:loaded_* stopper
2020-10-16 Sergey MatveevRemove excess cleanups
2020-10-14 Sergey MatveevPrefill dc's registers
2020-10-14 Sergey MatveevMerge pdfa and ps2pdf