2020-10-02 Sergey MatveevRemove YouTube related jumps, as it is unusable without...
2020-10-02 Sergey Matveevrlwrapped passman
2020-09-30 Sergey MatveevNo permanent dc history
2020-09-30 Sergey MatveevStupid escape mistake
2020-09-30 Sergey MatveevRevert "gpg with AES alias"
2020-09-30 Sergey Matveevexec optimization fetish
2020-09-30 Sergey MatveevFix problems with background menu passman
2020-09-30 Sergey MatveevDisable linting after qq
2020-09-30 Sergey MatveevWiden urlview
2020-09-30 Sergey Matveevpassman is killed after exit
2020-09-30 Sergey MatveevUnify prompt character
2020-09-29 Sergey MatveevWidth/height of popups
2020-09-29 Sergey Matveevdict menu prompt
2020-09-29 Sergey Matveevtmux menu/popup calculator
2020-09-29 Sergey Matveevtmux menu/popup password manager
2020-09-29 Sergey MatveevDo not start session twice
2020-09-29 Sergey MatveevPrefix tmux-related menu scripts
2020-09-29 Sergey MatveevMusic-related session and menu
2020-09-29 Sergey MatveevS-F6 is changed with the new tmux
2020-09-29 Sergey MatveevExample tmux menu usage
2020-09-29 Sergey MatveevI use autos.vim for small options
2020-09-29 Sergey MatveevNewer tmux more convenient formatting
2020-09-29 Sergey MatveevNewer tmux compatible options
2020-09-27 Sergey MatveevSimple Texinfo docstring substitution for C programs
2020-09-23 Sergey Matveevgpg with AES alias
2020-09-22 Sergey Matveevmpv's --no-video preset
2020-09-22 Sergey MatveevXML prettifier
2020-09-22 Sergey Matveevrlwrapped dc calculator rules
2020-09-21 Sergey MatveevVim state clearer
2020-09-21 Sergey MatveevQuickly jump to sent mbox
2020-09-20 Sergey MatveevDo not loss accesskeys
2020-09-20 Sergey Matveevxrandr scripts aware of two possible outputs
2020-09-16 Sergey MatveevHighlight assignments differently from suggestions
2020-09-16 Sergey MatveevHighlight global aliases differently from suggestions
2020-09-16 Sergey MatveevUse RPN with zcalc
2020-09-16 Sergey Matveevgrep recursively following symlinks
2020-09-16 Sergey MatveevFucking assholes renames already working things
2020-09-16 Sergey Matveevgit-diff --cached used often
2020-09-16 Sergey MatveevShow git signature only during git-show
2020-09-08 Sergey MatveevNo more /usr/home
2020-09-02 Sergey MatveevFix Hjson commenting
2020-09-02 Sergey MatveevLet's see PGP git signatures
2020-08-28 Sergey MatveevTrivial zathura configuration
2020-08-13 Sergey MatveevEscape filename in buftabline
2020-08-12 Sergey MatveevSimplify buftabline and support filenames with spaces
2020-08-07 Sergey MatveevMove mutt-specific commands to ftdetect
2020-08-07 Sergey MatveevMany opened buffers causes Vim segfault
2020-08-06 Sergey Matveev\zs has to be single quote escaped
2020-08-06 Sergey MatveevSwap information
2020-08-05 Sergey MatveevMemory information in dwm status bar
2020-08-05 Sergey MatveevFast changing between file extensions
2020-08-05 Sergey MatveevUnify quotes
2020-08-04 Sergey preview workability again
2020-07-28 Sergey MatveevLimit filename size only
2020-07-26 Sergey MatveevInclude line number also
2020-07-26 Sergey MatveevDouble spaces seems to be pretty visible
2020-07-26 Sergey MatveevInitial BufTabline
2020-07-23 Sergey not working
2020-07-14 Sergey MatveevNot all software accepts /usr/home path as /home
2020-07-14 Sergey MatveevCompletely remove asyncomplete
2020-07-14 Sergey MatveevUse hardware volume keys for mixing
2020-07-14 Sergey MatveevUse omni-completion instead of asyncomplete-plug
2020-07-13 Sergey MatveevMention pyls full installation
2020-07-13 Sergey MatveevAM for monitor sound output
2020-07-13 Sergey MatveevShow if FDM flag is present
2020-07-12 Sergey MatveevDo not use vim-lsp-settings for simplicity
2020-07-12 Sergey Matveevcrop/rotate display
2020-07-11 Sergey Matveevpreview is already disabled, remove autocmd
2020-07-11 Sergey MatveevNo asyncomplete's auto_popup, do only on demand
2020-07-10 Sergey MatveevCropping must be done before scaling
2020-07-10 Sergey MatveevMore compact prompt
2020-07-10 Sergey MatveevWorking with LSP
2020-07-10 Sergey MatveevShow full path to currently changed directory
2020-07-10 Sergey MatveevLess crop threshold
2020-07-07 Sergey MatveevAnother refactoring
2020-07-06 Sergey Matveevurl-quote-magic is VERY slow
2020-07-06 Sergey MatveevInvert all negatives by default
2020-07-06 Sergey negative support
2020-07-06 Sergey MatveevYet another alternate F-helpers
2020-07-05 Sergey MatveevScanner helper
2020-07-03 Sergey MatveevTry alternate F-mappings
2020-07-03 Sergey MatveevF4/F5 directory movement
2020-07-03 Sergey Matveevzsh URL quoting
2020-07-02 Sergey Matveevxmodmap maps
2020-07-02 Sergey MatveevI do not use fetchmail anymore
2020-06-14 Sergey Matveevredo related
2020-06-12 Sergey MatveevOpen current search results as a quickfix
2020-06-12 Sergey MatveevConvenient incremental pattern search
2020-06-11 Sergey Matveevbomb showing
2020-06-11 Sergey Matveevmodeline is safe in Vim 8.2, with disabled modelineexpr...
2020-06-11 Sergey MatveevEven more bold prompt
2020-06-11 Sergey MatveevNo whitespace highlighting in P-[yY] in tmux
2020-06-10 Sergey MatveevTrivial reordering
2020-06-10 Sergey MatveevModern git requires pull.ff setting
2020-05-31 Sergey MatveevShorten :buffer to :b
2020-05-31 Sergey MatveevComplete man pages
2020-05-31 Sergey MatveevUpdated zsh-syntax-highlighting
2020-05-28 Sergey MatveevShorter statusline, without own colours
2020-05-28 Sergey MatveevLet's remember about vimdiff in git
2020-05-27 Sergey MatveevYouTube jump