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4 days ago Sergey MatveevSometimes I really want to print big data dumps master
5 days ago Sergey MatveevTrivial IPv6↔.meshname converter
10 days ago Sergey MatveevQuick save in spam database alias
2022-09-04 Sergey MatveevVerbose and arrayed less options
2022-09-04 Sergey MatveevReset (green) cursor colour before command is executed
2022-09-04 Sergey MatveevMy default key is different
2022-08-24 Sergey MatveevI tend to often use :Cfilter
2022-08-24 Sergey MatveevDo not know what for diff.noprefix is useful
2022-08-16 Sergey MatveevDo not use system's stdc++
2022-08-16 Sergey Matveevaudio-delay plays role only with virtual_oss
2022-08-16 Sergey Matveevmkvmerge without useless heavy metainformation
2022-08-03 Sergey MatveevMy IPv6 address differs for a long time
2022-08-02 Sergey MatveevAutoview .gif
2022-07-29 Sergey MatveevAutoview .man and .pod
2022-07-28 Sergey MatveevMore abstract account name
2022-07-26 Sergey MatveevNew main PGP key
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