2021-02-06 Sergey MatveevDebash master
2021-02-03 Junegunn Choi0.25.1
2021-02-03 Junegunn ChoiClarification on FZF_DEFAULT_COMMAND
2021-02-03 Marlon Richert[zsh] Don't run precmd hooks in cd widget (#2340)
2021-02-03 Junegunn Choi[vim] fzf#run should ignore empty 'dir' argument
2021-02-01 Junegunn ChoiAdd `close` action
2021-02-01 NaveenCreate codeql-analysis.yml (#2338)
2021-02-01 Junegunn ChoiFix toggle-preview-wrap action
2021-02-01 Junegunn ChoiFix segmentation fault on \x1b[0K
2021-02-01 step[man] Clarify that $SHELL is used to run commands ...
2021-02-01 Kovarththanan... Update README.md (#2337)
2021-01-28 Nanda LopesBUILD.md: Update Go version requirement (#2332)
2021-01-28 jiangjianshan[install.ps1] Change permission of the downloaded binar...
2021-01-20 Junegunn Choi[Makefile] Restore 32-bit targets
2021-01-17 Olivier Roques[vim] Exit terminal mode before closing FZF window...
2021-01-15 Junegunn ChoiReplace Travis CI badge
2021-01-15 freddiiFix typos in source code (#2322)
2021-01-13 Junegunn ChoiMigrate to GitHub Actions
2021-01-12 Vlad DosterUpdate README.md (#2321)
2021-01-12 Ruslan Sayfutdinov[zsh] Properly reset prompt after completion (#2318)
2021-01-09 Junegunn Choi[man] Fix typo
2021-01-08 calvin ardiUpdate default number version (#2307)
2021-01-07 nicolasbarraUpdate README to upgrade using brew upgrade (#2309)
2021-01-03 E.L.KFix selection changed on terminal resize (#2306)
2021-01-03 Elliott Sales... Use more explicit int-to-string conversion.
2021-01-02 Junegunn Choi0.25.0
2021-01-02 Junegunn ChoiRevert "[zsh] Use shell redirection (#2281)"
2021-01-02 Junegunn ChoiDo not disable mouse on SIGCONT before SIGSTOP
2021-01-02 Junegunn ChoiMake search toggleable
2021-01-01 Junegunn Choi[fzf-tmux] Disable CTRL-Z
2021-01-01 Junegunn Choi[shell] Disable CTRL-Z
2020-12-31 Junegunn ChoiUpdate vimdoc
2020-12-31 yhu266Add tag links for "doc/fzf.txt"
2020-12-31 Junegunn Choi[Makefile] Make sure to use bash
2020-12-31 Junegunn ChoiAdd preview-top and preview-bottom actions
2020-12-30 Junegunn ChoiFix alt-, for --expect
2020-12-30 Junegunn ChoiUpdate test case for 'first' and 'last'
2020-12-30 Junegunn ChoiExtend support for alt key chords
2020-12-30 Junegunn ChoiAdd "last" action to move the cursor to the last match
2020-12-23 林千里[zsh] Use shell redirection (#2281)
2020-12-23 Loic Nageleisen[Makefile] Support building on machines with `uname...
2020-12-23 Junegunn ChoiPrevent index out of range error
2020-12-16 Junegunn Choi[vim] Allow closing Vim running fzf without confirmation
2020-12-08 Junegunn ChoiRevert "[zsh] Reload shared history before searching...
2020-12-07 Junegunn ChoiUpdate CHANGELOG
2020-12-07 Junegunn ChoiMake --color attributes mergeable
2020-12-05 Junegunn Choi0.24.4
2020-12-05 Junegunn ChoiFix slice bound error on extremely narrow screen
2020-12-05 Martin Polden[zsh] Reload shared history before searching (#2251)
2020-12-05 Junegunn ChoiAdd --preview-window follow option
2020-12-04 Junegunn ChoiFix typo in test case
2020-12-04 Junegunn ChoiAdd change-prompt action
2020-12-04 Junegunn ChoiChange how hl:-1 or hl+:-1 is applied to text with...
2020-12-03 Junegunn ChoiFix Travis OSX build
2020-12-03 Junegunn ChoiDo not update Homebrew on Travis OSX build
2020-11-25 Junegunn ChoiFix unit tests
2020-11-25 ratijas[zsh] Declare variable as local before assignment ...
2020-11-24 Junegunn ChoiSupport ANSI code for clearing the rest of the line...
2020-11-24 Junegunn ChoiFix handling of arrow keys with alt and/or shift modifier
2020-11-24 Junegunn ChoiImprove trim function to handle longer strings
2020-11-19 Junegunn Choi[vim] &termwinkey may not be available
2020-11-17 Michal Domonkos[vim] Clean up temp files on interrupt (#2252)
2020-11-15 Junegunn Choi[vim] Map CTRL-Z to <nop>
2020-11-15 Junegunn Choi[vim] Set termwinkey to allow CTRL-W
2020-11-14 Tomas Janousek[bash-completion] Fix endless loop when completion...
2020-11-12 Tomas Janousek[bash-completion] Unexport _fzf_orig_completion_* variables
2020-11-12 Tomas Janousek[bash-completion] Optimize __fzf_orig_completion_filter
2020-11-12 Tomas Janousek[bash-completion] Move -F/_fzf filter to __fzf_orig_com...
2020-11-12 Tomas Janousek[bash-completion] Avoid empty _a, _v completions
2020-11-09 Junegunn Choi0.24.3
2020-11-09 Junegunn ChoiAdd --padding option
2020-11-09 Junegunn ChoiRemove print statement for debugging
2020-11-05 Junegunn Choi[vim] Fix double path separator issue on Windows
2020-11-03 Junegunn Choi0.24.2
2020-11-03 Junegunn ChoiAllow preview window height shorter than 3
2020-11-03 Junegunn ChoiFix regression where lines are skipped in the preview...
2020-11-03 Junegunn ChoiUse default bg color when fg is set to -1 with reverse...
2020-10-31 Junegunn Choi[vim] Set maxwidth and maxheight when creating a popup
2020-10-31 Junegunn Choi[vim] Remove dead code
2020-10-30 Junegunn ChoiRevert "Prefer LightRenderer on Windows if it's available"
2020-10-30 Junegunn ChoiPrefer LightRenderer on Windows if it's available
2020-10-30 Junegunn Choi[vim] See the last line of "fzf --version" output
2020-10-28 Junegunn Choi0.24.1
2020-10-28 Junegunn ChoiAssign default number version (without patch version)
2020-10-28 Junegunn Choi[vim] Allow 'border': 'no' to be consistent with -...
2020-10-28 Junegunn ChoiFix nil error on --color=bw
2020-10-28 Junegunn ChoiMake build flags consistent
2020-10-28 Junegunn ChoiMake Makefile fail when git information is not available
2020-10-28 Junegunn Choi[install] Pass version number to go get command
2020-10-28 Junegunn ChoiPanic when fzf was built without version information
2020-10-27 Junegunn Choi0.24.0
2020-10-27 Junegunn ChoiMerge branch 'devel' into master
2020-10-27 Junegunn ChoiFix: barbled multibyte text(exe. Japanese). (#2224)
2020-10-27 Junegunn Choifixup
2020-10-27 Junegunn ChoiFix error when preview command failed to start
2020-10-27 nekowasabiFix: barbled multibyte text(exe. Japanese).
2020-10-27 Junegunn Choi0.24.0-rc1
2020-10-26 Junegunn Choi[vim] Download latest binary to meet version requirement
2020-10-26 Junegunn Choi[vim] Add 'none' option for popup border
2020-10-26 Junegunn ChoiAdd more --border options