descriptionRussian translation patches to mlmmj
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28 hours ago Sergey MatveevRussian translation master
2016-10-02 Ben SchmidtAdd Czech translation (Jiří Šolc)
2016-05-22 Ben SchmidtAdd modonlypost reason to deny-post in English.
2012-04-07 Ben SchmidtRewrap Portuguese texts.
2012-04-07 Ben SchmidtCorrections to Portuguese list texts (Sérgio Marques).
2012-04-07 Ben SchmidtCapitalise subject lines in Portuguese.
2012-04-07 Ben SchmidtAdd a little missing punctuation to Portuguese.
2012-04-06 Ben SchmidtRewrap Portuguese texts.
2012-04-06 Ben SchmidtFix missing angle bracket in pt/finish-sub.
2012-04-06 Ben SchmidtFix accidentally translated headers, BOMs, permissions...
2012-04-06 Ben SchmidtAdded Portuguese translation (Sérgio Marques).
2012-04-01 Ben SchmidtRewrap Slovak texts and add missing %wrap% directive...
2012-04-01 Ben SchmidtFix incorrect formatting in Slovak texts.
2012-04-01 Ben SchmidtFix accidentally translated headers and minor formattin...
2012-04-01 Ben SchmidtAdded Slovak translation (Milos Sramek).
2012-03-28 Ben SchmidtRewrap end of 'finish' text accidentally neglected...
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