2020-12-31 Eric Wongpublic-inbox 1.6.1 - minor bugfix release v1.6.1
2020-12-31 Eric Wongimport: drop X-Status in addition to Status
2020-12-26 Eric Wongeml: fix undefined vars on <Perl 5.28
2020-12-26 Eric Wongt/config: test --get-urlmatch for git <2.26
2020-12-26 Eric Wonginboxidle: avoid needless syscalls on refresh
2020-12-26 Eric Wonginboxidle: clue users into resolving ENOSPC from inotify
2020-12-26 Eric Wonginbox: name variable for values loop iterator
2020-12-26 Uwe Kleine... public-inbox-v[12]-format.pod: make lexgrog happy
2020-12-26 Eric Wongmanifest.js.gz: fix per-inbox /$INBOX/manifest.js.gz
2020-12-26 Uwe Kleine... Fix manpage section of perl module documentation
2020-12-26 Eric Wongt/psgi_v2: ignore warnings on missing P::M::ReverseProxy
2020-12-26 Eric Wongdaemon: support --daemonize without Net::Server::Daemonize
2020-12-26 Kyle Meyerdoc: v2-format: drop repeated word
2020-12-26 Eric Wongover: ensure old, merged {tid} is really gone
2020-12-26 Eric Wongwwwattach: prevent deep-linking via Referer match
2020-12-26 Eric Wongt/eml.t: workaround newer Email::MIME* behavior
2020-12-26 Eric Wongnntp: attempt RFC 5536 3.1.5-conformant Path: headers
2020-12-26 Eric Wongnntp: delimit Newsgroup: header with commas
2020-12-26 Eric Wongtls: epollbit: account for miscellaneous OpenSSL errors
2020-12-26 Kyle Meyerscripts/dupe-finder: restore $dbh variable
2020-12-26 Eric Wongsearchidx: index lower-case List-Id value
2020-12-26 Eric Wongds: add missing label for systems w/o EPOLLEXCLUSIVE
2020-12-26 Eric Wongimap: avoid raising exception if client disconnects
2020-12-26 Eric Wongidxstack: fix comment about file_char
2020-12-26 Eric Wongmda: match List-Id insensitively
2020-12-26 Kyle Meyermid: drop repeated ';' in mid_escape() regular expression
2020-12-26 Eric Wongdoc: post-1.6 updates, start 1.7
2020-12-26 Eric Wongconfig: warn on multiple values for some fields
2020-12-26 Eric Wongdoc: txt2pre: more manpage URLs
2020-12-26 Eric Wongdoc: flow: include -imapd
2020-12-26 Eric Wongt/indexlevels-mirror: fix improperly skipped test
2020-09-16 Eric Wongpublic-inbox 1.6.0 v1.6.0
2020-09-16 Eric Wonggit_async_cat: fix outdated comment
2020-09-16 Eric Wongwwwtext: link to archives
2020-09-16 Eric Wongwwwstream: link to cgit URLs for coderepo
2020-09-16 Eric Wongtreewide: relax allow >=40 chars for git OID
2020-09-16 Eric Wongmid: rename MID_MAX to ID_MAX
2020-09-15 Eric Wongimap: quiet uninitialized variable warning on FETCH
2020-09-15 Eric Wongci/deps: add Plack::Test::ExternalServer for devtest
2020-09-15 Eric Wongt/imapd.t: skip dependent test on failure
2020-09-14 Eric Wongdoc: TODO and release notes updates ahead of 1.6
2020-09-14 Eric Wongtests: consistently check for xapian-compact
2020-09-14 Eric Wongsigfd: fix typos and scoping on systems w/o epoll+kqueue
2020-09-14 Kyle Meyerdoc: Add piem to list of clients
2020-09-12 Eric Wongnntp: share more code between art_lookup callers
2020-09-12 Eric Wongt/nntpd: add test for the XPATH command
2020-09-12 Eric Wongtreewide: avoid `goto &NAME' for tail recursion
2020-09-10 Eric Wongwwwstream: show init + index instructions for -V1, too
2020-09-10 Eric Wongsolver: async blob retrieval for diff extraction
2020-09-10 Eric Wongsolver: break apart inbox blob retrieval
2020-09-10 Eric Wongsolver: check one git coderepo and inbox at a time
2020-09-10 Eric Wongwwwlisting: avoid hogging event loop
2020-09-10 Eric Wongextmsg: prevent cross-inbox matches from hogging event...
2020-09-10 Eric Wongt/cgi.t: show stderr on failures
2020-09-10 Eric Wongconfig: split out iterator into separate object
2020-09-10 Eric Wongconfig: flatten each_inbox and iterate_start args
2020-09-10 Eric Wongwww: manifest.js.gz generation no longer hogs event...
2020-09-10 Eric Wonguse "\&" where possible when referring to subroutines
2020-09-10 Eric Wongsolver: drop warnings, modernize use v5.10.1, use SEEK_SET
2020-09-10 Eric Wongxt/solver: test with public-inbox-httpd, too
2020-09-10 Eric Wongwwwtext: config comment improvements
2020-09-10 Eric Wongwwwtext: don't blindly quote "git clone" destination
2020-09-10 Eric Wongwwwtext: describe the use of `coderepo' entries
2020-09-10 Eric Wongnntp: fix cross-newsgroup Message-ID lookups
2020-09-09 Eric Wongwwwstream: fix "Atom feed" link
2020-09-09 Eric Wongcontrib/css: limit <a> coloring to links, only
2020-09-09 Eric Wongwww: make mirror instructions more prominent
2020-09-03 Eric Wongv2writable: reuse read-only shard counting code
2020-09-03 Eric Wongoveridx: document column uses
2020-09-03 Eric Wongwwwaltid: drop unused sqlite3_missing function
2020-09-03 Eric Wongimap: drop old, pre-Parse::RecDescent search parser
2020-09-03 Eric Wongsearch: remove {over_ro} field
2020-09-03 Eric Wongsearch: replace ->query with ->mset
2020-09-03 Eric Wongtests: add "use strict" and declare v5.10.1 compatibility
2020-09-03 Eric Wongsearch: remove special case for blank query
2020-09-03 Eric Wonguse more idiomatic internal API for ->over access
2020-09-03 Eric Wongdisambiguate OverIdx and Over by field name
2020-09-03 Eric Wongmsgmap: note how we use ->created_at
2020-09-02 Eric Wongt/run: Perl future proofing
2020-09-02 Eric Wonginit+convert: create non-existing directory hierarchies
2020-09-02 Eric Wongdoc: remove B<> (bold) markup from the remaining POD
2020-09-02 Eric Wongwatch: add --help/-h support
2020-09-02 Eric Wongconfig: use defined-or (//) in a few places
2020-09-02 Eric Wongmda+learn: add --help / -h support
2020-09-02 Eric Wongdaemon: support --help/-h in -httpd/imapd/nntpd
2020-09-02 Eric Wongscript/*: fold $usage into $help, support `-h' instead...
2020-09-02 Eric Wongedit+purge: support `--help' and `-h' like other commands
2020-09-02 Eric Wongadmin: improve minimum version text
2020-09-02 Eric Wongscript/*: set executable bit on -learn and -imapd
2020-09-02 Eric Wongt/v2dupindex: test indexing mirrors with duplicate...
2020-09-02 Eric Wongindex: check for xapian-compact when using --compact
2020-09-01 Eric Wongreplace ParentPipe with EOFpipe
2020-09-01 Eric Wongds: avoid unnecessary timer for waitpid
2020-09-01 Eric Wongwatch: use EOFpipe to reduce dwaitpid wakeups
2020-09-01 Eric Wongds: avoid excessive queueing when reaping PIDs
2020-09-01 Eric Wongwatch: comments and tiny cleanups
2020-09-01 Eric Wongwatch: block signals before fork on non-signalfd/kevent...
2020-09-01 Eric Wongwatch: avoid unnecessary spawning on spam removals
2020-09-01 Eric Wongwatch: log signal activities to STDERR
2020-09-01 Eric Wongrename WatchMaildir => Watch