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Project Description Last Change
bfs.git My patches to bfs 5 months ago
codecomm.git Vim plugin: code comments preparation helper 2 months ago
diana.git My patched diana ( version 20 months ago
dmon.git DTrace-backed IP network real-time monitoring utility 2 weeks ago
dotfiles.git Stargrave's dotfiles 4 days ago
feeder.git Newsfeeds aggregator 5 months ago
fzf.git My patches to fzf 5 months ago
galgen.git Static images gallery generator 4 months ago
gerrvim.git Vim plugin: Gerrit review's comments preparation helper (Herr Vim) 2 years ago
glocate.git ZFS-diff-friendly locate-like utility 3 weeks ago
godlighty.git Highly-customizable HTTP, HTTP/2, HTTPS server written on pure Go 13 days ago
godwmstat.git Go dwm status bar 6 months ago
keyrings.git OpenPGP keyrings 8 months ago
leapsecs.git My libtai-friendly leap seconds database 16 months ago
linksexp.git Texinfo/XBEL/OPML/urls autogeneration from recfile bookmark 2 weeks ago
matterircd.git My patches to matterircd 10 months ago
meta4ra.git Metalink 4.0 utility 3 weeks ago
mirror.git Website mirroring tools 12 months ago
mlmmj-listtexts.git Russian translation patches to mlmmj 11 months ago
mmfileget.git Mattermost files fetcher 10 months ago
nose_gnuerrorformat.git Nose GNU errorformat-compatible tracebacks output 6 years ago
passman.git Simple password manager 5 weeks ago
paster.git Paste service daemon 7 months ago
path-extractor.git My patches to 19 months ago
pem.git Personal Expenses Manager 20 months ago
public-inbox.git My patches to 7 weeks ago
pyimportcan.git Python imports canonical format filter 8 months ago
randomart.git Drunken-bishop algorithm for visualizing random art of the digest 3 years ago
releases-feed.git releases.atom generator 7 months ago
rirc.git My patches to rirc 8 months ago
rutrackerer.git Index and search through Rutracker's XML 6 months ago
sgblog.git Minimalistic, simple Git-backed CGI/UCSPI blog/phlog/gemlog engine 2 weeks ago
sgmon.git Simple stargrave's monitoring system 4 weeks ago
sgodup.git File deduplication utility 8 months ago
st.git My patches to suckless terminal 3 months ago
stargrave-blog.git Blog 2 hours ago
syncer.git Stateful file/device data syncer 5 months ago
t.git Simple notes manager 7 months ago
tofuproxy.git Flexible HTTP/HTTPS proxy, TLS terminator, X.509 TOFU manager, WARC/geminispace browser 2 weeks ago
torn.git Musical files renaming with russian language transliteration 8 months ago
uploader.git Simplest form file uploader 3 weeks ago
vimslides.git Presentation inside Vim 8 months ago
zdns.git DNS zones creator 4 weeks ago
zeasypki.git Easy PKI 4 months ago
zk.zsh.git Zettelkästen/wiki/static website helper/generator 2 months ago
zsh-autoenv.git My simplified 10 months ago