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106 min ago Sergey Matveevzsh-autoenv usage master
23 hours ago Sergey MatveevSimplify format of .zhashd
45 hours ago Sergey MatveevSymbolic links friendly WhereAmI
45 hours ago Sergey Matveevhkp:// pool seems not working
11 days ago Sergey MatveevSimplify dc invocation
11 days ago Sergey MatveevPossibly disabling signature_help will help with change...
11 days ago Sergey Matveevlsp_highlight_references_enabled is already enabled...
11 days ago Sergey MatveevShorter fast gpg invocation
11 days ago Sergey Matveevmbox priority in inc
11 days ago Sergey MatveevMailbox new messages printer
11 days ago Sergey MatveevMy first LLDB's alias
11 days ago Sergey MatveevPart of irssi configuration
2021-04-18 Sergey MatveevI use own gpg.rc with --keyring-s
2021-04-13 Sergey MatveevMutt aware of gopher URL highlighting
2021-04-13 Sergey MatveevMore OCB friendliness
2021-04-08 Sergey MatveevSoftware should know about stow-ed ~/local
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