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last changeThu, 23 Jun 2022 20:11:54 +0000 (23:11 +0300)
36 hours ago Sergey MatveevMidnight Commander's dark mode config master
38 hours ago Sergey MatveevAbility to temporary disable vcs_info
47 hours ago Sergey Matveevmpv uses virtual_oss device now
47 hours ago Sergey Matveevsafe-repositories appeared
2 days ago Sergey MatveevRubles digraph
2 days ago Sergey MatveevLatest mpv does not have oss-mixer options
8 days ago Sergey MatveevAbility to turn on/off hardware decoding and faster...
8 days ago Sergey MatveevRemove scalers for performance
8 days ago Sergey Matveev:Man plugin
8 days ago Sergey MatveevBetter software scaler
2022-06-01 Sergey MatveevArrows and colour pane indicator is nice
2022-06-01 Sergey MatveevExplicitly note 256 colours support in terminal
2022-05-30 Sergey MatveevAbility to specify codepage
2022-05-24 Sergey Matveevxterm mouse wheel buttons
2022-05-23 Sergey MatveevMove some tmux bindings to separate files
2022-05-10 Sergey MatveevLet's try command's output selector
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