93 min ago Sergey Matveevzsh-autoenv usage master
23 hours ago Sergey MatveevSimplify format of .zhashd
45 hours ago Sergey MatveevSymbolic links friendly WhereAmI
45 hours ago Sergey Matveevhkp:// pool seems not working
11 days ago Sergey MatveevSimplify dc invocation
11 days ago Sergey MatveevPossibly disabling signature_help will help with change...
11 days ago Sergey Matveevlsp_highlight_references_enabled is already enabled...
11 days ago Sergey MatveevShorter fast gpg invocation
11 days ago Sergey Matveevmbox priority in inc
11 days ago Sergey MatveevMailbox new messages printer
11 days ago Sergey MatveevMy first LLDB's alias
11 days ago Sergey MatveevPart of irssi configuration
2021-04-18 Sergey MatveevI use own gpg.rc with --keyring-s
2021-04-13 Sergey MatveevMutt aware of gopher URL highlighting
2021-04-13 Sergey MatveevMore OCB friendliness
2021-04-08 Sergey MatveevSoftware should know about stow-ed ~/local
2021-04-08 Sergey MatveevNo whitespaces during line counting
2021-04-08 Sergey MatveevUpdated gpg with AEAD
2021-04-03 Sergey Matveevbase header auto usage in git-format
2021-04-03 Sergey Matveevgz MIME type
2021-03-28 Sergey MatveevMore pretty psql
2021-03-28 Sergey Matveevsqlite's pretty output
2021-03-28 Sergey MatveevShow line numbers/position in the less
2021-03-28 Sergey MatveevShow if either quickfix or location lists are exists
2021-03-28 Sergey MatveevColor moved source code
2021-03-28 Sergey Matveevhistogram diff algorithm is cooler
2021-03-28 Sergey Matveevdiff-highlight highlighter is pretty usefuly
2021-03-27 Sergey MatveevHuge tmux-fzf simplification with files quoting
2021-03-27 Sergey MatveevDTrace filetype
2021-03-27 Sergey MatveevAbility to disable LSP, without :help
2021-03-07 Sergey Matveevgit --aggressive is more convenient
2021-03-01 Sergey MatveevNew texinfo uses slightly different template
2021-03-01 Sergey MatveevMore visible spellchecker highlight
2021-02-24 Sergey MatveevPrevent constant network access in go tools
2021-02-24 Sergey MatveevJPEG MIME
2021-02-12 Sergey MatveevCleanup newsboat on quit
2021-02-11 Sergey MatveevFaster find summonning
2021-02-10 Sergey MatveevSafer printing
2021-02-10 Sergey MatveevI learn zsh
2021-02-10 Sergey MatveevSingle tmux popup for fzf
2021-02-10 Sergey MatveevSilence WebKit's warnings
2021-02-08 Sergey MatveevQuick tags initialization
2021-02-08 Sergey MatveevAbility to run GUI browser instead of tmuxed lynx
2021-02-06 Sergey MatveevShorter find fzf command
2021-02-06 Sergey MatveevDRY
2021-02-06 Sergey MatveevProper file_line left buffer cleaning
2021-02-05 Sergey MatveevWorkable preview in tmux-path-extractor
2021-02-05 Sergey Matveevtmux instead of zsh widget
2021-02-05 Sergey MatveevComplete by git status
2021-02-05 Sergey MatveevPIPE_FAIL is always useful
2021-02-04 Sergey MatveevExplicit fonts configuration
2021-02-03 Sergey MatveevMore fzf/path-extractor convenience
2021-02-03 Sergey Matveevfzf
2021-02-02 Sergey Matveevpath-extractor popup
2021-02-02 Sergey MatveevSeparate flags directory
2021-01-27 Sergey Matveevg:lsp_documentation_float_docked does not help anyhow
2021-01-20 Sergey MatveevBetter ctags-ing
2021-01-20 Sergey Matveev.vimrclocal useless with exrc/secure options existence
2021-01-20 Sergey MatveevMove Python specific wildignore to ftplugin
2021-01-20 Sergey MatveevNot sure, but seems docking slightly less distract
2021-01-16 Sergey MatveevDamned hard-coded bash shell fixer for Go
2021-01-16 Sergey MatveevSometimes I need to see online git log with dates
2021-01-16 Sergey MatveevLimit number of feed entries
2021-01-15 Sergey Matveevpng recognizable by mutt
2021-01-15 Sergey Matveev90 is too wide
2021-01-15 Sergey MatveevFucking black lovers forces me to explicitly set "master"
2021-01-03 Sergey MatveevUsing newsboat instead of rss2email
2021-01-03 Sergey MatveevAt last git won't autocorrect me
2021-01-03 Sergey MatveevRaise sleep again for lynx startup
2020-12-28 Sergey Matveevlldb's history in volatile memory
2020-12-28 Sergey Matveevvi keys in editline
2020-12-15 Sergey Matveevsharness location
2020-12-15 Sergey MatveevAll current lynx configs has underscores
2020-12-15 Sergey MatveevAdvice to embed fonts on generated PDFs
2020-12-15 Sergey Matveevaria2 should not have any limit on peers number
2020-12-07 Sergey MatveevFix mutt's MIME type for .pdf
2020-12-07 Sergey MatveevIgnore dictionary searches
2020-12-03 Sergey MatveevChanged git web frontend
2020-12-03 Sergey MatveevBreak before function name
2020-11-29 Sergey MatveevMake zathura work with spaces in filename
2020-11-24 Sergey Matveevgoredo envs
2020-11-24 Sergey MatveevTerminal C-W rebinding
2020-11-24 Sergey MatveevYet another sleep decreasing
2020-11-19 Sergey MatveevFix stowed zathura invocation
2020-11-19 Sergey MatveevAdd timeout to wait for window resized
2020-11-17 Sergey MatveevStowing of various software
2020-11-17 Sergey MatveevOpen accidentally closed www
2020-11-15 Sergey Matveevtmuxed lynx is simpler and convenient
2020-11-15 Sergey MatveevUsing LLVM11
2020-11-15 Sergey MatveevFixed PDF viewer mailcap
2020-11-15 Sergey MatveevDuckDuckGo changed its URL
2020-11-12 Sergey Matveevlynx cookies configuration in external file
2020-11-11 Sergey Matveevtabbed lynx
2020-11-09 Sergey MatveevTrivial zat optimizations
2020-11-09 Sergey MatveevTabbed zathura
2020-11-06 Sergey MatveevDo not go to nodes when scrolling
2020-11-05 Sergey Matveevgit --oneline includes --abbrev-commit
2020-11-05 Sergey Matveevredo-c does not catch stdout by default
2020-10-30 Sergey MatveevPretty tree-er
2020-10-28 Sergey MatveevConfigurable file extensions