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2019-11-03 Eric Wongpublic-inbox v1.2.0 v1.2.0
2019-11-03 Eric Wongbuild: add "git-dist" target for making gzipped tarballs
2019-11-03 Eric Wongdoc: mknews: force plain-text NEWS to UTF-8
2019-11-03 Eric WongTODO: update item for multiple Date: headers
2019-11-03 Eric Wongdoc: add public-inbox.cgi(1) manpage
2019-11-02 Eric Wongdoc: add public-inbox-purge(1) manpage
2019-10-31 Eric Wonghval: replace "'" with "'" for compatibility
2019-10-31 Eric Wongcontrib/css/216light: improve contrast a bit
2019-10-31 Eric Wongqspawn: psgi_qx: delay callback until waitpid returns
2019-10-31 Eric Wongsolvergit: deal with false-positive dfpost: results
2019-10-31 Eric Wongmsgiter: attempt to decode all text/* bodies
2019-10-31 Eric Wongmsgiter: do not assume UTF-8 if Email::MIME->body_str...
2019-10-30 Eric Wongsearch: add note about SCHEMA_VERSION 15
2019-10-30 Eric Wongwwwlisting: fix spelling and clarify sub location
2019-10-30 Eric WongMerge branch 'learn'
2019-10-30 Eric Wongdoc: add public-inbox-learn(1) manpage
2019-10-30 Eric Wongmda: support multiple List-ID matches
2019-10-30 Eric Wongmda: prepare for multiple destinations
2019-10-30 Eric Wonginboxwritable: add assert_usable_dir sub
2019-10-30 Eric Wongmda: skip MIME parsing if spam
2019-10-30 Eric Wongmda: hoist out mda_filter_adjust
2019-10-30 Eric Wongfilter/base: remove MAX_MID_SIZE constant
2019-10-30 Eric Wongmda: hoist out List-ID handling and reuse in -learn
2019-10-30 Eric Wonglearn: hoist out remove_or_add subroutine
2019-10-30 Eric Wonglearn: GIT_COMMITTER_<NAME|EMAIL> may be "" or "0"
2019-10-30 Eric Wonglearn: update usage statement
2019-10-30 Eric Wonglearn: only map recipient list on "ham" or "rm"
2019-10-30 Eric Wonglearn: support multiple To/Cc headers
2019-10-30 Eric WongMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/multi-mid'
2019-10-30 Eric WongHACKING: add a note about avoiding recursion
2019-10-28 Eric Wongview: show X-Alt-Message-ID in permalink view, too
2019-10-28 Eric Wongindex: allow search/lookups on X-Alt-Message-ID
2019-10-28 Eric Wonglinkify: support adding "(raw)" link for Message-IDs
2019-10-28 Eric Wongview: improve warning for multiple Message-IDs
2019-10-28 Eric Wongview: move '<' and '>' outside <a>
2019-10-28 Eric Wongview: display redundant headers in permalink
2019-10-28 Eric Wongsearch: support multiple From/To/Cc/Subject headers
2019-10-23 Eric WongMerge branch 'regen'
2019-10-22 Eric Wongdoc: clean-doc: remove generated standards.txt
2019-10-22 Eric Wongsyscall: get rid of sendfile wrappers for now
2019-10-22 Eric Wonghval: remove new_oneline
2019-10-22 Eric Wonggit: remove src_blob_url
2019-10-22 Eric Wongwatchmaildir: remove redundant _path_to_mime
2019-10-22 Eric Wonginboxwritable: import_maildir uses maildir_path_load
2019-10-22 Eric Wongwww: remove unused ctx_get sub
2019-10-22 Eric Wongoveridx: remove unused delete_articles sub
2019-10-22 Eric Wongv2writable: use msgmap as multi_mid queue
2019-10-22 Eric Wongv2writable: move git->cleanup to the correct place
2019-10-21 Eric Wongv2writable: reindex handles 3-headered monsters
2019-10-21 Eric Wongv2writable: improve "num_for" API and disambiguate
2019-10-21 Eric Wongv2writable: set unindexed article number
2019-10-21 Eric Wongdoc: update 1.2 work-in-progress release notes
2019-10-21 Eric WongTODO: DHT (distributed hash table) for Message-IDs
2019-10-18 Eric Wongexamples/grok-pull.post_update_hook: fix config detection
2019-10-17 Eric WongTODO: add a few more items around coderepos
2019-10-17 Eric Wongdoc: v2-format: get man output under 80 cols
2019-10-17 Alyssa Rosspublic-inbox-v2-format(5): fix formatting
2019-10-17 Eric WongMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/inboxdir'
2019-10-17 Eric Wongdoc: enable "check-man" target via "check" in gmake
2019-10-17 Eric Wongdoc: avoid [<directory>] arg for git-clone(1)
2019-10-17 Eric Wongdoc: update public-inbox-overview(7) for v2
2019-10-16 Eric Wongdoc: check-man: use COLUMNS env for width
2019-10-16 Eric Wongconfig: remove redundant inboxdir check
2019-10-16 Eric Wongconfig: support "inboxdir" in addition to "mainrepo"
2019-10-16 Eric Wongexamples/grok-pull.post_update_hook: use "inbox_dir"
2019-10-16 Eric Wongdoc: check-man: ignore backspace char
2019-10-16 Eric Wongmda: support --no-precheck option
2019-10-16 Eric WongMerge branch 'listid'
2019-10-16 Eric Wongadmin: show failing directory
2019-10-16 Eric Wongdoc: "check-man" target to ensure we stay <=80 cols
2019-10-16 Eric Wongdoc: check-NEWS.atom fails gracefully on FreeBSD make(1)
2019-10-15 Eric Wongwwwtext: show listid config directive(s)
2019-10-15 Eric Wongmda, watch: wire up List-ID header support
2019-10-15 Eric Wongconfig: allow "0" as a valid mainrepo path
2019-10-15 Eric Wongconfig: avoid unnecessary '||' use
2019-10-15 Eric Wongconfig: simplify lookup* methods
2019-10-15 Eric Wongconfig: we always have {-section_order}
2019-10-15 Eric W. BiedermanConfig.pm: Add support for mailing list information
2019-10-15 Eric W. BiedermanPublicInbox::Import Smuggle a raw message into add
2019-10-15 Eric Wongdoc: remove unnecessary dependency on RelNotes directory
2019-10-15 Eric WongINSTALL: recommend inotify|kqueue modules for -watch
2019-10-15 Eric WongTODO: add an item for Python pygments
2019-10-14 Eric WongTODO: add item for config linter and grapher
2019-10-10 Eric Wongt/git-http-backend: disable worker processes
2019-10-10 Alyssa Rossdoc: explain publicinbox.<name>.watchheader
2019-10-09 Eric Wongdoc: use local modules to generate NEWS*
2019-10-09 Eric WongINSTALL: note that we prefer GNU make
2019-10-09 Eric Wongdoc: PublicInbox::SaPlugin::ListMirror manpage
2019-10-09 Eric Wongextmsg: drop unused $have_mm variable
2019-10-07 Eric Wongexamples: add grok-pull post_update_hook example
2019-10-07 Eric Wongdoc: generate NEWS, NEWS.atom, and NEWS.html
2019-10-07 Eric WongMakefile.PL: add dependency on MANIFEST contents
2019-10-05 Eric Wonginit: implement locking
2019-10-05 Eric Wongdoc: add manpage for public-inbox-init(1)
2019-10-05 Eric Wonginit: favor --skip-epoch instead of --skip
2019-10-05 Eric Wongt/search: bail out on `git init --shared' failures
2019-10-03 Eric Wongt/search: show file modes as octal on failures
2019-10-02 Alyssa Rosstests: recommend running create-certs.pl with $^X
2019-10-02 Eric WongHACKING: document Perl character class gotcha
2019-10-02 Eric Wonglistener: warn on some accept()/accept4() errors