2022-04-23 Eric Wongpublic-inbox 1.8.0 v1.8.0
2022-04-22 Eric Wongdoc: update 1.8 WIP release notes
2022-04-22 Eric Wonglei: commit store on interrupted partial imports
2022-04-18 Eric Wongsyscall: golf + more idiomatic buffer initialization
2022-04-18 Eric Wonglei: wire up pure Perl sendmsg/recvmsg for Linux users
2022-04-18 Eric Wongsyscall: more idiomatic cmsghdr space allocation
2022-04-18 Eric Wonglei: clobber recvmsg buffer on errors
2022-04-18 Eric Wonglei_mail_sync: explicit bind for old SQL_VARCHAR compat
2022-04-05 Eric Wonglei: always open mail_sync.sqlite3 R/W
2022-04-02 Eric Wongview: remove unused $end variable
2022-04-02 Eric Wongexamples/unsubscribe.milter: RFC 8058 (List-Unsubscribe...
2022-04-02 Eric Wongexamples/unsubscribe.milter: use IO::Socket, again
2022-04-02 Eric Wonglei_mail_sync: store OIDs and Maildir filenames as...
2022-04-02 Eric Wonglei_mail_sync: ensure URLs and folder names are stored...
2022-04-01 Eric WongTODO: add item for auto-detecting TLS files in daemons
2022-04-01 Eric Wongdoc: add WIP release notes for 1.8
2022-04-01 Eric Wongviewdiff: use defined checks in more places
2022-03-24 Eric Wongsyscall: add sendmsg+recvmsg for remaining arches
2022-03-23 Eric Wongsyscall: implement sendmsg+recvmsg in pure Perl
2022-03-23 Eric Wongrecv_cmd: do not undef recvmsg buffer arg on errors
2022-03-23 Eric Wongsyscall: drop unused EEXIST import
2022-03-22 Eric Wongwww: loosen deep-linking prevention
2022-03-14 Julien Moutinhot/lei-sigpipe.t: ensure SIGPIPE is not ignored instead...
2022-03-08 Eric Wongindex|extindex: support --dangerous flag
2022-03-01 Eric Wongt/lei-sigpipe: ensure SIGPIPE is unblocked for this...
2022-02-18 Eric Wongt/lei-sigpipe: attempt to improve diagnostics for stuck...
2022-02-17 Eric Wonggit: do not dereference undef as ARRAY ref
2022-02-14 Eric Wongsharedkv: avoid ambiguity for numeric-like string keys
2022-02-14 Eric Wongsharedkv: remove unused subs
2022-02-14 Eric Wongt/lei-*watch: disable flaky tests by default for now
2022-02-11 Eric Wongview: remove all CR before LF
2022-02-03 Eric Wongtest_lei: use consistent locale for error messages
2022-02-01 Eric Wongsyscall: FS_IOC_*FLAGS: define on per-architecture...
2022-02-01 Dominique Martinetsyscall: fallback to rename on renameat2 EINVAL
2022-01-31 Eric Wongrewrite Linux nodatacow use in pure Perl w/o system
2022-01-31 Eric Wonghttp: don't send chunk finalizer on HEAD responses
2022-01-23 Eric Wongt/eml.t: ignore newer Email::MIME behavior
2021-12-08 Eric WongMakefile.PL: fix useless use of push
2021-11-30 Eric Wongeliminate some unused subs
2021-11-22 Eric Wonglei: always use 3-arg open perlop
2021-11-22 Eric Wongspawn: avoid C++ keyword `try'
2021-11-22 Eric Wongsearchidx: avoid modification of read-only `$_'
2021-11-22 Eric Wongt/lei-mirror: skip lei comparisons if lei missing
2021-11-15 Eric Wonglei forget-search: add help for --prune
2021-11-10 Eric Wongt/lei-watch: test with with higher sleep
2021-11-10 Eric Wonglei q: make HTTP(S) query strings even less ugly
2021-11-10 Eric Wonglei q: disallow "\n" in argv[] elements
2021-11-10 Eric Wonglei up: infer rawstr from old searches via trailing...
2021-11-10 Eric Wongipc: note failing sub name
2021-11-10 Eric Wongsolver: support sha256 coderepos
2021-11-09 Eric Wongbuild: do not repeatedly build some docs
2021-11-09 Eric Wonglei q|up: fix saved searches for single-phrase search
2021-11-09 Eric Wongsearchidx: index "diff --git a/... b/..." headers
2021-11-06 Eric WongMANIFEST: update for non-fatal "make check" message
2021-11-04 Eric Wongpublic-inbox 1.7.0 v1.7.0
2021-11-04 Eric Wongdoc: relnotes: a few more 1.7.0 related updates
2021-11-04 Eric WongAUTHORS: clarify my title
2021-11-04 Eric Wongdoc: design_notes: updates for "newer" things
2021-11-04 Eric Wonglei_curl: use http.proxy knob via URL match for curl
2021-11-04 Eric Wongdoc: txt2pre: linkify a add a few more well-known things
2021-11-04 Eric Wongdoc: switch to man(1) for pod => (text|html)
2021-11-04 Eric Wongdoc: add more 3rd-party refs, use Debian manpages for...
2021-11-03 Eric Wongdoc: relnotes: 1.7.0: move extindex, note search result...
2021-11-03 Eric Wongdoc: -clone|lei add-external: add bit about the Makefile
2021-11-03 Eric Wongdoc: extindex: document current behavior + knobs
2021-11-03 Eric Wongdoc: lei-q: document SEARCH TERMS prefixes
2021-11-03 Eric Wongdoc: txt2pre: add references to newish manpages
2021-11-02 Eric Wonglei <rediff|rm|tag>: stdin implies `-F eml'
2021-11-02 Eric Wonglei: simplify common LeiInput users with ->wq1_start
2021-11-02 Eric Wonglei mail-diff: do not default to 'eml'
2021-11-02 Eric Wongt/lei-refresh-mail-sync: speed up test on FreeBSD 12
2021-11-02 Eric Wonginit: respect umask when creating description
2021-11-02 Eric Wongmbox_reader: do not blindly pass --rsyncable to gzip
2021-11-01 Eric Wongtreewide: kill problematic "$h->{k} //= do {" assignments
2021-11-01 Eric Wongidx_stack: avoid conditional hash assignment weirdness
2021-11-01 Eric Wongdoc: lei-config: fix missing =back
2021-11-01 Eric Wongdoc: update release notes and INSTALL
2021-10-31 Eric Wonglei_input: disallow uppercase characters for labels
2021-10-31 Eric Wongdoc: add lei-mail-sync-overview manpage
2021-10-30 Eric Wongdoc: lei-security: add a note about core dumps
2021-10-30 Eric Wonglei_to_mail: avoid SEGV on worker exit via SIGTERM
2021-10-30 Eric Wonglei_xsearch: quiet error message on SIG{PIPE,TERM}
2021-10-30 Eric Wonglei_to_mail: limit workers for text, reply and v2 outputs
2021-10-30 Eric Wonglei: do not access {sock} after SIGPIPE
2021-10-28 Eric Wongtest_common: clear XDG_CACHE_HOME before lei tests
2021-10-28 Eric Wonglei rm: move generic input_maildir_cb to LeiInput paren...
2021-10-28 Eric Wonglei sucks: show nproc in CPU info
2021-10-28 Eric Wongdoc: lei-add-watch: add warning about unreliability
2021-10-28 Eric Wonglei convert: remove redundant input_net_cb
2021-10-28 Eric Wongdoc: lei blob: wording fixups, describe --remote
2021-10-28 Eric Wongdoc: lei-convert: various updates and cleanups
2021-10-28 Eric Wonglei convert: use "--output" in failure message
2021-10-28 Eric Wongxt/net_writer_imap: test "lei convert" w/ IMAP source
2021-10-28 Eric Wonglei add-watch: ensure folders are known to mail_sync...
2021-10-27 Eric Wonglei q: fix remote import accounting
2021-10-27 Eric Wongtest_common: key test inboxes to init.defaultBranch
2021-10-27 Eric Wonglei mail-diff: support more inputs, split newlines
2021-10-26 Eric Wongt/lei-watch: add diagnostics for failure
2021-10-26 Eric Wonglei_to_mail: only run lms_write_prepare for IMAP+Maildir
2021-10-26 Eric Wonginput_pipe: account for undefined {sock}